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Briefly about us
Mazdent is a dental office offering a wide range
of services in the fields of asthetic dentistry,
orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics,
dental surgery and periodontics ...
To book an appointment, call us on:
Landline tel. number to the reception desk
+48 (82) 307-04-03
Krasnystaw, ul. Wagnera 10
Our offer
Our range of services includes all dental specialties,
such as preventive dentistry, dental surgery,
implantology or asthetic dentistry ...

A few words about our office

Mazdent is a dental office, which offers a broad selection of dental services such as asthetic dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics, dental surgery and periodontics.

The team consists of specialized doctors with ten-odd years of experience in their field. Their profession is also their passion. The ultimate aim of our practice is to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our doctors

D.D.S. PhD
specialist in maxillofacial and oral surgery, implanotologist

Our dental office

Our offer includes
Our equipment
Our equipment

Sirona Intgo Pro dental unit

Autoklaw MelagVacuklav 24

Ozynotron XP + OZ ozonetherapy unit

Ozone in preventive denstistry.
Ozone therapy is used mainly as a part of preventive dentistry to treat dental caries lesions. Ozone's effect is remarkably efficient in many clinical cases and embraces treatment of primary dental caries lesions on smooth and occlusal surfaces, treatment of primary root decay (instead of the traditional method of mechanical elaboration and filling cavities), treatment of middle and deep caries (as a complementation of the mechanical elaboration of cavities).

It is deep caries where effects of ozone are invaluable. When a cavity reaches deep and its end is located near pulp, doctor may hurt it whilst removing caries within healthy tissue, which often reasults in a costly root canal treatment and mortification of the tooth. Disinfection of a deep and not complately purged cavity combined with application of suitable preparations caused self-healing. This type of procedure stimulates the regenerative capabilities of the dental pulp and it is possible by eradication of bacteria in a cavity with ozone.

A new method in the sugery is whitening teeth with ozone, using a Ozonytron unit.
A special plate is applied on the teeth through which ozone is blowed in. They are whitened without using gel, which prevents further sensitivity.

ORTOPHOS XG 3D Ready pantomograph

In our dental offices, x-ray photographs of teeth using digital radiovisiography are taken, which means a digital x-ray with a minimum dose of radiation. It allows to take many pictures without any risk, even for children and pregnant women.

The x-ray picture of the jaw's and mandible's curved structures, often commonly defined as the panoramic picture. That is a visual demonstration of the general condition of all teeth, tooth buds and the surrounding structures, such as the jaw and mandible bones, the temporomandibular joints and partially the maxillary sinuses. It is also helpful to assess development defects, injuries and neoplasms.

The pantomograph helps to detect numerous abnormalities, e.g. dental caries, periapical changes, buried teeth, additional and teeth after improper root canal treatment. Sometimes, because of the general character of a picture, an additional tooth picture of the suspected area. Pantomograph also provides an overview in case of preparations to implant teeth implants – but in this case, usually a CAT scan is performed.

Cephalometric image is a kind of x-ray picture used mainly in orthodontics to diagnose malloclusions, assess facial growth and to establish a plan of treatment.

Endopilot Comfort Plus

A device for filling root canals with liquid gutta-percha, which allows to achieve a long-lasting and tight filling, including branches thin like a hairl to which is difficult to get. Used material – liquid gutta-percha perfectly adjusts itself to the irregular shape of a channel.

The debice combines the latest top-of-the-range electronic solutions with a great care about details. Gutta-percha's liquidation and its dosage is controlled by a micro processor. In addition, the device is equipped with a pulp sensitivity tester, whereas a slender and ergonomic handpiece which rotates in 360 degrees guarantees a maximum insight into a channel, increasing the procedure's precision and the effectiveness of a treatment.

Spectroshade for picking teeth color

Spectroshade by MHT allows to objectively define a color of a tooth or teeth. It's used in prosthetics and implant prosthetics and enables to prepare dentures in color corresponding to the patient's needs.

SpectroShade is a so-called spectrophotometer, a device which analyses the amount of light absorbed by an object in the whole range of visible light: 380 to 720nm.

RGB systems available on the market or colorimeters based on the RGB analysis don't provide an objective color matching, because it's not possible to numericaly depict what a human eye sees in relation to the length of waves registered with RGB systems.

SpectroShade is the first and currently only system which performs analysis on the basis of the image seen by a human eye. The device carries out a very detailed analysis in relation to a pattern. It can be any pattern or any color scale. Data evaluation provides hints on suggested conduct during creation of dentures to achieve the desired asthetic effect. The system allows to obtain a very detailed overwiew of the three main components, with which we perceive colors, brightness, saturation and hue. Other analysed elements are transparency and transluminescence, the base and the component colors, a full tooth color map is created. Having finished the work, a technician may perform an analysis in order to check how the complement will look in the patient's mouth – and all of this before sending the prosthesis to the dental office. It saves time, money and doesn't needlessly bother the doctor, the technician and, most important, the patient.

HR-C binocular loupe by Heine

Omnident Elmasonic Denta Pro
ultrasonic cleaner

Autoklaw Sirona DAC Universal

Sirona Heliodent Plus RTG camera

Implanmed SI-923S-N1 by W&H
dental implant micro motor

XIOS Supreme Digital Radiography by Sironaw

AIR-N-GO® sander

Teeth sanding is a dental procedure which consists of removal of dental plaque, residues and discoloring, which are on the teeth surface and are caused by external factors (cigarettes, coffee, tea, some foods). Cleaning the teeth of impurities is performed with a special device, powder with compressed air and water, which by hitting the teeth surface removes plaque. During a teeth sanding procedure, also tartar will be removed, but only that which is merely present. Because of that, teeth sanding may be a procedure complementary to scaling, which is a thorough tartar removal.

Sanding may also be considered as a prophylactic procedure, performed once a year. Sanding teeth regularly in order to remove minor plaque and discolorings will help us to prevent bacteria development, teeth and gums diseases and to keep the asethetic appearance of our teeth.

Sanding is abosolutely pain-free and safe for the patient, any irritations after the procedure wear off after a few hours.

Your idea, European money

Project co-financed by the European Union and the State Treasury under Regional Operational Programme of Lubelskie Voivodship for the years 2007-2013. Priority Axis: I Enterprise and Innovations, under action 1.2.

Lidia Mazur Private Specialist Practice
Creation of a modern Dental and Implantology Centre a way to achieve competetiveness on the regional market.

As a result of the project's implementation, new services have been introduced to the Lidia Mazur Private Specialist Practice offer, that being ozone treatment and implants, also the previous services have been improved. Due to the purchase of the innovative equipment, the firm can offer a complex treatment of the highest quality to its customers.
The Strategy and Development Department of Marshal's Office of Lubelskie Voivodship
20-151 Lublin, ul. Stefczyka 3b
tel. 81 44 16 738, fax 81 44 16 740
20-704 Lublin, ul. Wojciechowska 9a
Information point in Lublin (81) 46 23 831, (81) 46 23 812


ul. Wagnera 10
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