Mazdent is a dental office that offers a wide range of services in the field of aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics, endodontics, surgery and periodontology.

Thanks to many investments in innovation, we are able to compete at the highest level.
Our team consists of specialist doctors with many years of experience in their field. The aim of our practice is, above all, the satisfaction of our clients.

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Thanks to our specialists, we can offer a full range of dental services and aesthetic dentistry.

Magdalena Stachurska


treatment of periodontal diseases, conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry

Katarzyna Kucharczyk


conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, microscopic endodontics

Lilia Mazur


conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, dental prosthetics

Justyna Zaręba


conservative dentistry, microscopic endodontics, pediatric dentistry

Joanna Grasza


specialist in dental surgery, provincial consultant in the field of dental surgery
implantology, dental surgery

Piotr Romanowicz


Western dentistry specialist with endodontics
conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, microscopic endodontics

Jakub Janowski


microscopic endodontics, conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry

Piotr Mazur


conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, dental prosthetics

Maciej Stachurski


dental prosthetics, conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, dental surgery

Jerzy Błaszczak

MD, orthodontics specialist


Agnieszka Mazur


manager, medical admissions clerk

Bożena Traczyńska

dental assistant

Agnieszka Wójtowicz

medical admissions clerk

Anna Wiórko

medical admissions clerk

Magdalena Bortacka

medical admissions clerk

Equipment of our dental offices

In our offices we have modern equipment with which we can treat our patients as professionally and effectively as possible.

Sirona Intego Pro dental unit

We want not only to meet the expectations of our customers - our ambition is to impress them. Quality, performance and service are key to us. Sirona dental units combine high quality with real innovations that make a real difference patient comfort and quality of work.

XIOS Supreme Digital Radiography by Sirona

Radiography XIOS XG SUPREME is the latest model of digital radiography from Sirona.
A universal and proven system of communication with a PC (USB 2.0) allowed to achieve incredible ease of use and mobility of the device in the office. Sidexis XG software, thanks to its intuitive operation and integrated patient database, allows you to easily and quickly find, display and edit RVG images

Microscope ZUMAX 2360

Thanks to the new version of the VarioDist lens, the working length of work has been increased even more to ensure maximum comfort during treatments.

Implanmed SI-923S-N1 by W&H dental implant micro motor

The new Implantmed guarantees greater safety for the doctor and patients.
Intuitive touch panel and color display ensure the highest comfort of work.
It offers automatic control during threading and implantation and automatic torque control.

Sirona Heliodent Plus RTG camera

A modern and safe X-ray machine equipped with a high-frequency generator.
Intuitive control, color liquid crystal display, setting exposure parameters, as well as durability and reliability make the new Sirony Heliodent PLUS one of the most frequently chosen models of X-ray machines on the Polish market.

Autoclave Sirona DAC Universal

Fully active against viruses. Sterilization in DAC Universal S is not only bactericidal and fungicidal, but also fully proven virucidal activity.

Omnident Elmasonic Denta Pro ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner for small tools used in dentistry.
Possibility of using different liquids, depending on the expected results and cleaning elements. Ultrasounds reach hard-to-reach places and the resulting phenomenon of cavitation, which consists in creating a huge amount of pressure waves in the washing solution in the form of imploding air bubbles that detach dirt from the substrate.

HR-C binocular loupe by Heine

HRP loupes have been designed in such a way that the field of view is as wide as possible and the depth of field as large as possible at a given magnification.

AIR-N-GO® air polisher

This is the first dual-purpose sandblaster that gives you more care and treatment options with just one handle. The device is available in two versions: Supra, which are distinguished by their special ability to achieve excellent cosmetic results thanks to quick, effective and painless polishing, which is also gentle on gums and teeth. The Perio version, on the other hand, is distinguished by a simple and effective way for the gingival treatment of periodontal diseases and inflammation of the peri-implant tissues.

Spectroshade for picking teeth color

Choosing the color of teeth is one of the most difficult tasks in dentistry. Particularly difficult is the selection of the shade of a single tooth restoration in the front. The need to adjust the color of the prosthetic crown to the patient's own teeth is difficult due to the limited capabilities of the human eye, and our perception of color is affected by the type of light, time of day, complexion, makeup, and even the color of the patient's clothing. So there is a high risk of making a mistake. Incorrectly selected color disqualifies a new crown, even the best made in other prosthetic respects.

Endopilot Comfort Plus

EndoPilot combines all the necessary devices in endodontics, guaranteeing simple and intuitive operation on a large touch screen. The endodontic micromotor system ensures safe operation through the use of a patented torque reduction system at the apex.

ORTOPHOS XG 3D Ready pantomograph

A large number of advanced pantomographic programs enables the correct diagnosis, especially in difficult trauma cases or when taking pictures of patients with anatomical anomalies. The device is designed for multi-station dental, orthodontic and implantology clinics.

Ozynotron XP + OZ ozonetherapy unit

It is an invaluable solution in the prevention of caries in both adults and children. By disinfecting the pockets, we offer an effective tool in the treatment of periodontelagic changes. In the first phase of the procedure, the pockets are drained of both physiological fluids and blood (inflammations) collected in a separate tank so that in the next phase they penetrate even into deep gingival pockets.

Autoclave MelagVacuklav 24

The Melag Vacuklav 24 autoclave is a device that allows sterilization of instruments for direct use. When preheating is activated, it is possible to sterilize unwrapped instruments, e.g. dental handpieces and turbines, using fractional vacuum in 15 minutes.

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