Dental surgery

A number of treatments, to perform their support is general surgical preparation. They include e.g.

Tooth extraction

- milk and solids destroyed by the carious process

- in children and adults due to orthodontic indications

- removal of partially and completely retained teeth (wisdom teeth)

- supernumerary

Incision of abscesses

Orthodontic treatments

- tooth extractions

- exposure of impacted teeth

- corticotomy

Pre-prosthetic treatments

- modeling procedures in the field of soft tissues (removal of papillomatous lesions, deepening of the vestibule of the oral cavity)

- correction in the field of hard tissues (plasty, modeling and alveolar process)

Root apex resection

with possible filling of the defect with bone graft material

Oro-sinus plastics

Plastic surgery of the frenulum of the tongue or lip

Removal of odontogenic cysts and soft tissue cysts

Treatments in the field of periodontology

- closed and open curettage

- surgical lengthening of tooth crowns

- recession coverage (lobar procedures using palate transplants, connective tissue and epithelial transplants)

Treatments in the field of implantology and tissue regeneration

- Minimally invasive implantology focused on working with surgical templates and the Simplant system, using own soft tissues (free and pedunculated connective tissue grafts, epithelial grafts to improve aesthetics) and hard (Astra and Astra EV implants)

- augmentation procedures (bone reconstruction) preparing for implantation with the use of the latest bone replacement materials

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