Implant is a titanium „screw” which is injected in our bone, where the missing tooth was. After some time, the graft goes under inculcation (osteointegration process) into the patient's bone. Such inculcated element replaces the traditional tooth's root and a provides the ground for a prosthetic procedure, such as placement of a ceramic crown. This notion cannot be confused with the final replacement of the missing tooth. It is only an integral part of it. The full replacement of a missing tooth/teeth by the means of the implant system consists of:

  • implant (a titanum screw driven into the patient's bone)
  • connector (the part connecting the artificial root with the prosthetic part)
  • prosthetic construction – a crown/bridge/bearing snap element for the dentures

one crown

in case of one missing tooth


- the prosthetic construction replacing a couple of missing teeth. The bridge can be supported on one or many implants as well as on the Patient's own teeth. Use of a specific solution depends on the individual situation of each Patient. It must be remembered that bridges constitute a permanent solution, irrevocably mounted in the oral cavity. In case of toothlessness, the bridge is created on the basis of 6 to 8 implants. They can be made of ceramics or a composite on the foundation of titanum, steel, gold or zirconium.

complete dentures

- complete dentures are mounted on several implants only (up to 6), which provide a very good stabilisation for them. Use of the aforementioned solution allows to avoid oral mucosa diseases, gums damage (bleeding, inflammations, erosions, bruises) and bone loss. All the se problems very often arise as a result of the use of the traditional removable dentures.

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