Dental imaging

Dental imaging is the foundation of professional dentistry.

Currently, at Mazdent it is possible to perform dental imaging using X-ray equipment and X-ray images. Patients can perform all these tests on site, which significantly speeds up diagnosis and treatment.


In our offices, X-ray images of teeth are taken using the digital radiovisiography method, i.e. a digital X-ray with a limited dose of radiation. This allows you to take many photos without risk even for pregnant women or children.

Panoramic photos

This is an overview photo showing the condition of all teeth - often called a panoramic photo.

With the help of a pantomograph, many irregularities can be detected, such as caries or supernumerary teeth or improperly treated root canal.

Cephalometric images

A cephalometric image is a type of X-ray image most often used in orthodontics to diagnose malocclusion, assess facial growth and establish a treatment plan.

It shows e.g. soft tissues of the face, paranasal sinuses and hard palate in lateral projection. It allows you to detect diseases, injuries or developmental abnormalities.

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